Love. Asset

I am quoting this from my Accounting lecturer, well with some edition:

We were having a lecture on assets and liabilities. And our lecturer asked, according to him (which I later agree), a very interesting question:
"Is your parents' love an asset to you?"

Well, being viewed in the 'accounting' way, an asset has to fulfill a few criteria.
(i) It should possess some kind of future benefit. FINANCIAL benefits, that is.
(ii) You should have control over it.
(iii) It's a result of past transaction.

I guess if my love sit in perfectly as an asset, I might as well exchange it with a house.

I guess if love has a price tag, what's the depreciation cost?
What is the carrying amount, if in the end, this love is to be sold?

So, the question is:
"Is love a kind of asset to you?"


消失的蒲公英 said...

love is an asset 2 me.... there is a value, bt v cant measure. I onli noe when v r sad, love wil accompany n treat us; if v r hapi, joy wil b shared.

depreciation cost is depends hw v manage the relationship. 4 me, there is x depreciation cost unless break up. the value should b increase, like a house in a city, the value keep on increases....

HeazrtYin said...

haha~~ good comparison. like a house, relationship has never-ending problems.. it's hard to manage at times, nevertheless, it's not something that we could forfeit anyway. ^^

Connie Ng said...

love itu tidak ternilai larh, mommy..

sena nabila said...

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