Playing With Colours

Colours just lighten up my day. Hope it has the same effect on yours.

Did you notice kids use colours to express their imagination? A kid might colour clouds in pink, maybe paint a flower as if it's a rainbow, and he/she might even draw a blue carrot because it's his/her favourite colour and vege.

Also, colours are often use to express one's emotions. Someone who's happy tends to use series of colours whereas people in foul mood mainly uses black and grey.
'Colour is sensibility in material form......'
-Yves Klein-

When we were kids, we see the world as a very colourful universe. The sky's blue, the land flourish with flowers. But as we grow up, colours are slipping away, until black and white are the only remainders.
'The whole world, as we experience it visually, comes to us through the mystic realm of colour.'
-Hans Hofmann-

So, remember, when you're only watching a 'grey-scaled' world, you're not catching everything. It's only despair you're viewing, but there are plenty of happiness spreading out there, dancing in colours.

Life doesn't only comes in black and white, it's the colours that matter.


Fate or Destiny?

Where could I have my despair settled?
Along the deadly desert,
I had my heart sealed away,
Which had proven to be useless in healing.
Upon the silent night,
I had my words pass through the vacuum,
Which had proven there's just me who wander in the dark.
Where could I reclaim my consolation price?
Be it fate or destiny?

I could have let my despair rest in the midst of relief that although live is rough, I am still surviving. And then I wouldn't need to seal away my heart, that's still beating violently. There's a way of living through hard times. And the best way is to optimise everything.

And be it fate or destiny,
I just have to believe divine intervention exists.
Upon the silent night,
I would not be repenting,
I would be counting stars that show up to shine,
and help me number the steps to victory.

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