Zoom Out

Life isn't just about yesterday. You can regret for as long as you want to, or dwell upon a wonderful memory for eternity. But life just moves on.

Life isn't just about tomorrow. You can dread for another day's job, or you can hope high and dream about tomorrow. But it will soon become history.

Life isn't just about now. You can try very hard to stop time from moving away from this second, or you can close your eyes and let time slips through your finger tips. But time is never a thing we have control over.

We are always zooming into things that happened, is happening, or will happen. We are always focusing too much on a single event. Once in awhile, we need to zoom out too.

Once in awhile, we need to try to grasp the whole picture instead of the detail.


It's always easy to wish for something.
It's always easy to hope for some miracle.
It's always easy to think of someone.

But it's always hard when you have to WAIT for it to come true. Even though you linger on that dissapointment, even though you hold on. Nothing's going to happen. Do you know:

"How much of human life is waste on waiting."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson-

Do you know how many other chances you forgo just to wait for this dream that is so hard to come true; or to wait for a flower that will never bloom?

We just have to learn to let go. Like everyone else said.

If you've chosen to wait upon something that stays idle, change your choice. Before it changes you.

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