Love. Asset

I am quoting this from my Accounting lecturer, well with some edition:

We were having a lecture on assets and liabilities. And our lecturer asked, according to him (which I later agree), a very interesting question:
"Is your parents' love an asset to you?"

Well, being viewed in the 'accounting' way, an asset has to fulfill a few criteria.
(i) It should possess some kind of future benefit. FINANCIAL benefits, that is.
(ii) You should have control over it.
(iii) It's a result of past transaction.

I guess if my love sit in perfectly as an asset, I might as well exchange it with a house.

I guess if love has a price tag, what's the depreciation cost?
What is the carrying amount, if in the end, this love is to be sold?

So, the question is:
"Is love a kind of asset to you?"


Playing with Words

My friend said:
'At the end of "FRIEND" there is always an "END".'

And whether it's the play of word that's now fooling with my mind,
'At the end of "TRUST" there is always the word "RUST".'

These are all words' games. So, don't fall for it.

Because you see, even "LEND" ends with and "END", but lending and borrowing do not have ends.
It's the circle of life, I borrow your money this time, and I have to lend it to you another time, and......

See, they are just words. What's important is their underlying meanings.


Take A Chance

There's definitely something out there that you and I want to catch. About what it is, is not important. What's essential, is the way you react to it.

Have you ever flew a kite? You want it to fly high, don't you? And so it does.

But what do you if the string snapped?
The first thing that would pop up in most people's mind would be to catch it. And what really matters isn't the thought of it, but whether or not you do it.

Do you catch it, pull it back?
Or you hesitate because you're embarrassed, and about to pull it back when it flew higher and gone out of view?

'Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.'
-Dale Carnegie-
Chance of a life time sometimes comes and goes fast. So we'll have to react fast, too. You could have bought another kite, but you wouldn't be able to buy another chance.

'If you are never scared, embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take chances.'
-Julia Soul-

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