Playing with Words

My friend said:
'At the end of "FRIEND" there is always an "END".'

And whether it's the play of word that's now fooling with my mind,
'At the end of "TRUST" there is always the word "RUST".'

These are all words' games. So, don't fall for it.

Because you see, even "LEND" ends with and "END", but lending and borrowing do not have ends.
It's the circle of life, I borrow your money this time, and I have to lend it to you another time, and......

See, they are just words. What's important is their underlying meanings.


消失的蒲公英 said...

Wah!!! Nice post. I reali admire wat u hav think of... wakaka....

HeazrtYin said...

Haha... thanks! ^^

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