Fate or Destiny?

Where could I have my despair settled?
Along the deadly desert,
I had my heart sealed away,
Which had proven to be useless in healing.
Upon the silent night,
I had my words pass through the vacuum,
Which had proven there's just me who wander in the dark.
Where could I reclaim my consolation price?
Be it fate or destiny?

I could have let my despair rest in the midst of relief that although live is rough, I am still surviving. And then I wouldn't need to seal away my heart, that's still beating violently. There's a way of living through hard times. And the best way is to optimise everything.

And be it fate or destiny,
I just have to believe divine intervention exists.
Upon the silent night,
I would not be repenting,
I would be counting stars that show up to shine,
and help me number the steps to victory.

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