We passed our time day to day, but sometimes we just lose our directions. It's like you are walking on a road that's getting narrower and in the end, you reach a junction and neither path suit your taste.

And you forgot the way you came.

Sometimes I think, maybe I walked through my life with too little care. I kept moving on. That's true. Because before I start, I thought I was going on a highway. Straight, smooth and fast. And I knew the exit I will take. I THOUGHT I know.

So I spent my time sight-seeing throughout the journey. Locking my eyes on things that caught my attention. At the same time, still going on high speed without noticing I am well past the last exit I can choose.

I am too carefree, aren't I? That's why I am stranded, and I can't even go back, because I never pay a single tiny bit of attention to which highway I took. I thought life is supposed to be well-laid in front of me, just waiting for me to leave my footsteps on. I thought I would be lucky enough not have to work through decisions and failures.

All of those 'I thought'. And I never thought of this: life is moving on the speed of light. Too fast that I'd miss chances if I'm not focus enough.

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