Better Late Than Never

Better late than never. And I watched, as the train starts off in front of my eyes. And his image blurred off into the dim light of the tunnel. He's still waving, so am I.

I was late and missed the bus when I first met him at the bus stop.
I was late to class and there's only one empty space left, next to him.
I was late to the cafeteria during lunch almost everyday, but I eventually noticed, there's always a seat emptied near him.
I was late on our first outing, but he just smiled and said it's okay.
I was late......

I'm always late. It's what leads me to him. And what leads me away from him.

The train is out of view now.
He's gone and I start to manage my time better.

Because I know, there won't be another empty space left for me when I'm late.

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