Different People

There she is, pondering which is her next step. Her characteristic: always thinking, often too careful not to make a mistake. She definitely has a trait called 'Rational'.

And her always-come-first-rule: Never fall prey to your feelings. Because feelings don't last. They are just certain hormone reactions and they're not dependable.

That's quite controversial. Because not far away, there he stands, determined to have a try with what's on his mind. His merit: listen to his heart, and try hard. Doesn't matter if that means fall hard, because he's no doubt the lucky-go-happy one.

And his main concern: Don't think too much and try to make things complicated. Since things change from time to time, meaning we'll have to set things straight again soon. So why don't we just let things set into their own place instead of trying to move them around.

She has her own way of dealing with things. He has his own idea on how things would work out for him. And so do other people.


BusatMiao said...

I think...sometimes it depends on the situation...Like one of the sayings goes...'yi dit gam ge situation...' Well, you know...

sena nabila said...

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