My ability to recognise faces is kind of similar to a computer's RAM. It's volatile, temporary and loses data when not powered. In my human case, it's more like my brain forgetting someone's image when haven't been in contact for ages.

They've said,
The one who forgets is always happier than the one who is being forgotten.

From a point of view, it's quite true. Since the one who fails to recall wouldn't know that he/she had forgotten someone important. That's right, everything goes as usual, just with a slightly disfigure memory that once in awhile, would trigger a sense of lost.

And the one who's being forgotten, would sadly become the one who's going to be waiting on their side. It's like there's an invisible boundary in front of them. No crossing over, before they're being called upon.

And they've said,
The one who's being waited is more content than those waiting.
I should be glad that I have a RAM memory. But somehow I know. I hate myself for letting you slipped by my memory, alone.


BusatMiao said...

I think it's nice to be forgotten...is it?

HeazrtYin said...

I think it depends on different situations. ^^ You'd like to be forgotten when u're in an embarrassing situation, but u won't want the one u love forgets u.

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