We represents two axes.
Our relationship can only be linked together by a third line.
We need another straight line to show a correlation between us.
But it's hopeless.
No matter what the value of correlation stands,
We are still two different entities.
Correlation means nothing.
All relationships made up were counterfeits.
Fake, caused by causality.

I posted this awhile ago. Quite some while, when I was having a class on...... I can't remember. Was it Stats?

Theoretically, causality is where the x and y axes doesn't really shows a relationship even if it's a straight line (occasionally). Because there's a miraculous term in this world: coincident.

Coincidentally, you happen to write an essay that matches your teacher's taste and get an almost full mark.
Coincidentally, you meet a new friend on the day of his/her birthday.

Coincidence plays a huge part in lives. Because somethings don't happen if not for that fate. And it's not something you can create from scratches.

Afterall, an artificial coincidence losses its charm.
When you plan for something to happen, it's not instantaneous anymore, because you don't feel the surprise that's suppose to be there.

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