I've always wanted to stay near the beach. Listening to the crowd, watching them as they come and go. Sinking my finger tips in the sand, sounding my thoughts for that one moment, before the waves wash them to the sea.

'Why do we love the sea? It is because it has some potent power to make us think things we like to think.' -Robert Henri

And yes. We think, why can't we fly like the birds roaming free above the ocean?
And we think, life can't be better than strolling along the beach with the one you loved.
We also think, difficult times in life is just like waves that hit the sand during high tides, but will eventually fade off when the tides ebb.

We think, we imagine, and then we lay hope. Forgetting that there are work piling up on your office desk, leaving behind the memory of being shouted by your teacher for not finishing her homework in front of your classmates, as well as ignoring the sound of your nagging partner who wants to go somewhere else.

This is where I've once been. This is where I wanted to be now. And this is where I'll be.


Huey Meing said...

This is nice, it seems like I can really feel the calm & tranquility just by imagining the ocean n the tides :D

sena nabila said...

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