Traveller Verse 1

He's a traveller. A tired, lonely one.

One day, he arrives at a small, peaceful and welcoming village during his journey. Did I mention that the traveller's a Chinese? Well, he is. And stopping by such a hospitable place reminds him of the family he had left behind.

He suddenly recalls a verse he once came across:
枯 藤 老 树 昏 鸦, 小 桥 流 水 人 家
ku teng lao shu hun ya, xiao qiao liu shui ren jia
-by 马致远, 《天静沙》
Direct translation would be:
Dried cane and a listless crow upon an old folk tree (which literally shows the anxiety of a traveller),
Small bridge over flowing water and a pleasant home (which is almost the direct inverse of the first line, showing the traveller's desire for a home).

Travellers live within loneliness and dwell within memories of love and home.

He feels at home in the village, and yet, a huge pang of loneliness hit him. This feels like his home, no doubt, but it isn't after all. Despite the warm greetings and the big hugs, he is no more than a stranger.

Travellers are passerbys, that move around to seek out the things they've lost. And the first of all, is the home they left behind.


Lai Mei said...

I like your blog. so philosophical, yet so true.
keep it up!!!! I'll continue reading!!! =)

HeazrtYin said...

Thanks... ^^

sena nabila said...

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