Who Is The-One?

I am tired now. I need a shoulder. I need some comfort. I want to find someone.

I want to find someone with a smiling face at all time, like Fuji Syuusuke.
I want to be looked over by someone who is lonely, like Kuran Kaname.
I want to be near someone optimistic, like Asakura Yoh.
I want to sit next to someone who likes to read as I do, like Hatake Kakashi.
I want to have someone good at trumpet to cheer me up, like Hihara Kazuki.
I want to be guarded by someone loyal, like Conrad.
I want to have someone caring (to care for me?), like Ichigo Kurosaki.

That's all for the moment. Cupid, can you please take my order?

Before I met someone portraying the traits above, I shall sleep and DREAM OF ONE. *how pity*


btY said...

i dont know even 1 among all names u mentioned...==

min said...

haha, bty, ur comment is 经典~

Triste said...

i need a shoulder to cry on...
Who can provide me one?
I want to find someone like Kiryuu Zero, for sacrification.
I want to find someone like Tsukimori, for admiration.
I wanted to find someone.
No one is there for me.

sumone =) said...

haha..n i jz know ichigo oli..
if u want a shoulder,
im always here for you..

A Girl Like Wondering said...

nice post... good to dream huh?
i like ichigo!!! (at this moment)

little angel ^ _ ^ said...

.....i dun even know one of the names u mentioned!!lengz~

sena nabila said...

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