There is always a kind of people. They are, always, the centre of attraction; the most shining planet in the universe. You can't ignore their outstanding features, you just can't stop yourself from fixing your gaze on that bright star smiling at you on the stage.

There is another group of people. They are, always, silent; keeping the stage light on in the shadow. You wouldn't notice them, unless you need them to draw in the curtain or switch on the special effects.

Both kinds are important.

You can't have a stage helper without the players; neither can you have the players but leave out the helpers.

They are compliment of each other. Filling in each others' gap.

You can only see the players' well-done performances. But you must not forget,
Behind scene works are just as vital.

Silent, does not mean that they do not stand out;
It means that they are willing to help others to do so.


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